briana marshall


Briana Portrait.png

Briana is a designer and visual storyteller. Her passion for conceptual, intentional design has led her to create award-winning, high-profile designs at Allure Magazine and USA TODAY. She combines her knowledge of marketing, editorial, and branding to create innovative experiences across digital, print, and social. This multidisciplinary knowledge allows her to reinvigorate and refine brands by developing a visual system that captures each brand's unique voice. To connect, contact Briana.

"Briana is a very talented designer with an equally impressive positive and proactive attitude. Both were tested when she successfully navigated a very large shift in staff and a redesign of Allure magazine. During that time, tenured employees of Allure leaned on Briana as a helpful and even-keeled support while new team members (almost the entire Art and Photo departments) found her to be an extremely helpful source of brand knowledge and a motivated implementer of change. She is bright, eager to learn, and flexible when meeting even the most challenging of demands."
Amanda Meigher, Director of Editorial Operations at Condé Nast